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Product Reviews: SPI Belt

Oh the joys of running! I am so blessed to be able to run far away from street lights and busy traffic intersections.  However, with running in the solace of the country, in the still (fog) of the morning and on quite deserted windy roads, I find that my safety is just as important, just in a different way.

I was excited to work with SPI Belt and spread the word about a product that assists all runners, from those who run in a family park to those who run in the metropolitan or rural settings.


I was also afraid that I looked like an absolute dork wearing a belt, but it blends right into the outfit and is less than bulky with its light, stretchy material. In fact, I would use it for things other than running, like traveling and flying.

I have to admit I was disappointed when I saw I got an orange one.  I wanted a blue one. 🙂



If you were to see the picture to the left, I’m sure you would think as I did that here was another fitness belt that would simply be able to hold my house key.  However, I was so wrong!  The amazing folded design of the belt allows for it to stretch and hold larger items, including my iPhone 4 inside its Otterbox case.  That’s saying something!  Not only does it fit, but I could still fit an energy gel pack and key if needed.


Sometimes I wish it had a clasp or elastic band to hold a water bottle.


I hardly notice I’m wearing it!  I thought about that this morning on my 4.5-mile run.  I run uphill, down hill, and as hard as I can, and I never feel like this belt weighs me down or gets in the ways.

I have a somewhat irritable bowel, and at first, my stomach was irritated by the presence of a tighter band around my stomach.  After using it for a while and adjusting the strap, my stomach is not bothered at all! 🙂

What I Love

I love running and not having to hold onto my phone. I don’t have to have an armband to hold my iPod and a nasty suntan line as a result, nor do I have to put my key in my shoe or worse, leave it in my car. This belt does everything its supposed to!

What I’d Improve

I think the only suggestion would some sort of elastic band for a 16-oz. water bottle, but I could get a different belt for that, I guess.  I just love this one.  What about an attachable clasp, so that it could be removed if not needed?

Overall Rating: A+


Check out this awesome running accessory here!!

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