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Over the last 3 years, I have developed a very focused mind set about my health that has been, in a word, life-changing (or is that 2 words?).

I was engaged to be married, and looking in the mirror, I realized that there were some serious changes that needed to be made.  I’d never cared about the gym before, and I hated running with a passion.  I could do a few sit-ups now and then, but I really could not care less about being a meathead and a gym addict.  I mean, who does that??

I decided that it was my responsibility to be the most attractive I could possibly be for the man who had waited 25 years for me.  So, I started running.  It was a slow go, but I’m thankful to say, I’m still going.  Sure, I hit rough patches and I stopped working out for a few months; however, in October of last year, I made it a priority in my life, and I have been faithful to run and workout regularly since!

It’s been a whole lifestyle change and one that started in the kitchen while I prepared meals more than it did in the gym on a treadmill.  My lifestyle changed, and I began to grow in awareness of what foods were good for me and which ones weren’t.  Of course, I have my own allergies and sensitivities and Adam has his as well, but allergy-free doesn’t always equal healthy, and healthy and fit (not skinny) became my goal.


This change of lifestyle has found its way into what I eat, drink, and do.  I eat natural foods, I drink water, I stay active.

I’d like to hear from you, my readers, on what motivated you to start living, eating, and drink healthily.  The most-inspiring story of change gets their very own SPI Belt!  Email your stories to


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