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Product Reviews: Andean Dream Chocolate Chip Cookies


I’m not really a baker.  I love to cook and I love high-classing eating, but since I don’t have a sweet tooth, I can’t say that I’m in love with baking.  Add “gluten-free” into the mix and I no longer know how to successfully make “normal” cookies without burning them and my lack of patience to measure ingredients like a high school science experiment (hm.. I don’t think I even measured then) has ruined my ability to bake some should-be delectable goodies.  All that to say,  sometimes boxed cookies aren’t all that bad.

Allergy-Related Information:  Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Egg-Free, Vegan, All-Natural Ingredients


Pros:  The inside packaging is extremely wise.  It is not probably that one is going to open up a box of chocolate chip cookies and eat all 12 cookies in one setting.  As a result, the Andean Dreams not only put all the cookies in a foil inside bag, but each cookie is wrapped individually.  Awesome!

Cons: The outside packaging for these cookies is a little over-the-top for me with its busy-ness and poor design, but it’s a box and that’s a preference.  


Pros: Calling a cookie “all-natural” and vegan might scare some people off.  However, these cookies offer a wealth of chocolate chips, a variety of textures, and the well-loved flavor of Chips Ahoy!® except so much better for you!

Cons: None!  No bad aftertaste, no reminder that it’s “all-natural” and no fake ingredients!


Pros:  These cookies are great!  They really do have the same texture as the Chips Ahoy® and that’s saying something!  They have a very airy texture to them and could be used with ice cream or crumbled to be a sundae topping as well.

Cons: The older they get the more crumbly they are, so eat fast!

What I Love

Finally, a cookie that tastes like a cookie should!  Thank you, Andean Dreams!

What I’d Improve

I would say if you could come out with a bendy version of these, that’d be great!  But hey, they’re still great dipped in milk (real, soy, almond, or otherwise). 🙂


Overall Rating: A


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1 thought on “Product Reviews: Andean Dream Chocolate Chip Cookies”

  1. This is a great review! I love the layout — very succinct! These cookies look deelish…I haven’t ever come across them here in Canada. I haven’t found a good vegan replacement for my childhood obsession with Chips Ahoy so I’ll need to do some detective work to find these.

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