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RAGNAR: Thursday, September 27: Pre-Race

If you didn’t know already, Adam and I are running the Ragnar Relay in the Adirondacks this weekend.  If you’re not familiar with the race, it’s a 200-mile relay race from Saratoga to Lake Placid.  Runners in teams ranging from 6-12 trade off a batton and collectively run from start to finish.   We are running with some other friends in a team of 10.  So, once all the legs of the race are split up, 6 of us are running 4 times within the 24-30 time period (yes, through the night) and the other 4 will only run 3 times.   That puts each individual’s total mileage totaling anywhere from 15 miles for the shorter legs to 23 for those who are running long legs plus a 4th leg.  Whoohoo!

I will be journaling this whole journey on here for those of you interested in all-night running, 200-mile relays, and any other crazy adventures we might encounter. 🙂

It’s the night before the race!  Our team met tonight for some good ol’ carb-loading with some pasta and garlic bread and went over the plans.  Our team is split into 2 vans with only 1 van having a designated, non-runner driver.  Having an official driver allows for all runners to be resting, stretching, fueling, etc., but we’re short a driver, so van 1 will have to have runners drive as well.  Oh, well.

Adam and I are in van 1.

Adam’s Run Times: 23.4 miles

10:00am – 5.3 miles
2:00pm – 5.1 miles
12:00am – 8.7 miles
8:50am – 4.3 miles

Ashley’s Run Times: 20.8 miles

12:00pm – 5.1 miles
7:15pm – 4.1 miles
9:00pm  – 5.9 miles
6:15am – 5.7 miles

I’ll keep you all as updated with news and pictures as I can! Ask any questions you’d like, and I’ll answer as swiftly as possible!

For more information on Ragnar, visit:

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