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Truth and Technology: Some Useful Websites

Technology is such a wonderful thing, and I’m thankful for it.  However, like any modern convenience, we have the opportunity to utilize it for good or use it for selfish means.

Movies and music are two of the huge areas where we as Christians are called to show discernment.  Hours in life can be wasted on stupid YouTube videos, bad movies, and meaningless music, and while I will not today venture to discuss all my views in more detail, I want to share with you a few sites that I really love:

Plugged In Online – Not sure about a movie in theaters or want a quick run down on a pluggedinonline.ca_mediumpopular artist?  This website offers you an opportunity to see what kind of possible questionable material might be in a movie or on a cd before watching, listening, or purchasing.

YouTube – Sure, it’s just a regular website but the uses for growth (and demise) are there.   The Master’s Seminary has loaded their classes onto Youtube to this link, and I’ve started listening to some tremendous teaching!  What a joy simply at my fingertips!

DownloadedFileBibleGateway – Sometimes listening to the Word offers a new perspective. I love this online Bible site, and the fact that it offers an audio version as well.

What are some of your favorite, useful sites?

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