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Product Reviews: Miracle Noodles

I’m a member of an online fitness community.  In this community, there is a large discussion forum that offers recipes, encouragement, fun, and yes, some overall ridiculousness.

In one discussion on the forum, a lady was sharing how she has found a noodle that keeps her full and doesn’t destroy her calorie intake for the day.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, CALORIE-FREE


Pros: I can’t say that there’s anything amazing about how these look.  As a whole, they’re white and noodles, but what I have to say that I do appreciate is that Miracle Noodle has produced these same noodle in a variety of styles.  I grew up eating Italian meals, and to have some spaghetti, linguini, angel hair, orzo, rings, rigatoni, and even a macaroni-style noodle is very exciting!

Cons: I would say if you’re trying this pasta for the first time with your family, don’t let them see it. 🙂 The pasta comes in fluid-filled sacks that remind me of a high school biology discussion.  They also smell a little like fish.


Pros: I like that these noodles taste pretty bland.  So many substitute, low-calorie 2products have quite the aftertaste, but these noodles, although bland, offer a great foundation for a variety of meals and recipes.

Cons: Because of the inherent texture of the noodles, I find they are more moist than real pasta, meaning that sauces get watered-down and don’t cling as well to the noodles. That, of course, makes the whole dish a little blander, but if known, can be compensated for in the making of the sauce.


Pros: I like that these noodles are filling! 🙂 They are low-calorie, which is great, but they add a heartiness to a variety of meals that might otherwise leave me hungry.

Cons: Their overall texture can be a little slimy if not correctly prepared.  I don’t mind the texture, although sometimes I find myself feeling a little heavy and bloat because of the way they expand inside.

What I Love

I love the option they offer.  While I would never trade my real pasta for the use of this product solely, they are a great addition or substitution in a meal that is already high-calorie or high-carb.

What I’d Improve

I would definitely work on the texture aspect of these noodles. The fact that they’re soaked in fish-smelling liquid is definitely the worst aspect of working with and eating these.  I would hope that sometime in the future, Miracle Noodle could develop a better way to package these.

Overall Rating: B-

Buy Miracle Noodles here!!

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