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Treadmill Running


I firmly believe that running outside during the winter is good for the lungs… up until a certain point.  This morning was the coldest morning we’ve had in my area of New York in about 2 years (or so the news said), and I’m not talking about running in 35-degree weather and calling it cold.  I would almost run in shorts at 35 degrees.  I even run when it’s 10-degrees out.  This morning we were not even close.

Because we’re not really supposed to hit double-digits this week, I decided that I would venture to a place I’ve avoided like the plague since February of 2012.  I pre-heated my car (which was still cold after 10 minutes) and headed to the fire department to run on the treadmill.

I used to run on the treadmill 4-5 times a week.  I ran 7 miles per run and broke the treadmill twice.  Then I started running outside and began to realize how weak my lungs were and how much the treadmill aided in my ability to run a faster pace than I could in real life and without hills and elements that add to one’s endurance as a runner.

This morning, it was torture.

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I used to watch tv as I ran.
I used to hold onto the treadmill.
I used to be able to run for hours in that little, stagnant room where the treadmill is too loud and the tv speakers too low.
I used to enjoy it.

I kept thinking about where I was on my outside run course.  “I’m 15 minutes in, so I’d probably be almost King St by now.”

My speed was great on the treadmill.  I started off at an easy 7 mph and decided that would take too long, so I bumped my speed to 8 mph.  That’s close to what I run now outside, and it was easy as pie on the machine.

It’s been a while since I sweat like that.  Running outside in the winter (and dressing appropriately) has a way of keeping you from the sweat-soaked clothes of a summer run.  Stuck in a small room with only a treadmill fan, zero windows, and a suffocating amount of air flow, I was drenched and bright red once finished.


How do you like running on a treadmill versus running outside?

What do you do to keep you occupied while treadmill running?

5 thoughts on “Treadmill Running”

  1. I LOVE running outside, but the treadmill? Eh. Only when absolutely necessary, and even then I procrastinate. Sometimes I just crank up the incline all the way and set it at a very fast walking pace, and sweat it out “hiking” style. I’m definitely not as hardcore as you though. 😉 Sometimes I read magazines, other times I just pop in the earbuds – either way those only hold my attention for about the first 3 miles…I guess I’ve just learned to really enjoy my beautiful, invigorating runs outside and be grateful for the ability to keep my fitness up on the ‘mill when I can’t run outdoors.

      1. OH my goodness! It didn’t send? I sent one like, two weeks ago… Let me check into my email and see if my big bro can tell me what’s wrong, then. I’m so sorry! 😦

  2. Actually, I kind of wish I had a treadmill! (Even though I love the outdoors… it’s just nice to have a good way to exercise indoors when the weather outside isn’t so great.)

    I remember having mixed feelings about the exercise bike, which is the exercise machine we have. I’d play some music that was upbeat and pedal to that, and it was kind of fun and got me going. But as you said–it was stuffy, no air circulation, yuck.

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