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Product Reviews: Larabars

I had an unexpected chiropractic appointment one morning, and I had to run out without getting breakfast.  That’s a huge no-no in my book, as I love my eggs and rice. (Mmmm.)

So, sitting at my desk, starving, I decided that it was a great time to try a Larabar. 🙂

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-free, Dairy-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, No added Sugar


Pros: Each bar is labeled with a different color, with allergens clearly labeled.larabar2  Quite professional!

Cons: Because these bars are natural in every way, they look pretty nasty.  They’re sweetened dates and use ground nuts quite a bit, so they have a dark, almost black, speckled appearance.


Pros: I love the variety of flavors that Larabar offers!  It’s like opening up a cabinet of cookie flavors with the range from banana bread to cappuccino to coconut cream pie and chocolate chip cookies.

Cons: If you don’t like the taste of dates or the crunch of nuts, you probably won’t like these bars.


Pros: These are very moist!  I wasn’t sure how they’d hold up after sitting in my desk for a month, but they’re very moist, they’re bendy, and they’re smooth going down.  I didn’t end up with a bunch of fruit or nuts caught in my teeth.  Well played, Larabar!

Cons: No cons here.

What I Love

I love that these are all natural.  I love that I will be able to confidently serve these as a snack to my children one day, and I love that I can have a quick sweet bar without all the preservatives.

What I’d Improve

The only thing I could say is that if there was some way to make them without nuts, you’d open up a whole new world of eaters.

Overall Rating: A

Buy Larabars here!!

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