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God has been at work in my heart. Thankfully.  I’ve been reading some great  Scripture that He is using to convict my own heart, and I’m enjoying some “recreational” yet profitable reading that is also bearing my soul.

Call it simple, but I’m finding joy in asking myself hard questions that make me uncomfortable.  I’m finding joy in silence and sober thoughts.  I’m quoting Scripture to myself, praying through God’s promises, and calling to mind His Character when I find myself struggling.

This is no feat of my own strength.  No, I’m finding it is at the time in your life when you find yourself without man-based hope that you are forced (Thank God) to focus on True Hope.  It is when you realize that “I”, “me”, “my own strength”, and this “brilliance” of my own are not even close to enough for the troubles of this wandering soul that you find the greatest satisfaction in the Truth, Jesus Christ.

I’m truly learning to be thankful in all circumstances.

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