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The News Is Out. {I’ve been dying to post this.}


Ok, I just had to get that out. 🙂

By now you know the wonderful news.  It’s no longer August, when I’m actually writing this, it’s no longer September, when we’re in-between races and 9 days of vacation.  It’s no longer October when the leaves were turning.  In fact, it’s probably not even November … or December… or….

It’s March 21, 2013. It was just another day at work, it’s just another day of running and lifting, and it’s the day after I told you that I’m expecting!

In case you’re confused yet, I wrote this in August.  You see, Adam and I planned on taking time before kids to get rid of my college debt as soon as possible. No, we’re not debt-free yet, but we’re getting there, making progress, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. (Praise the Lord!)

Why exactly am I writing this now (as in, August 22nd)?  Pssh…. what else is a girl supposed to do when we decide we’re ready for kids?

So, yes, I’m writing you from the past, looking forward to the day when I can write a blog post that has everyone guessing, only to let the proverbial cat out of the bag, finally offer an affirmative to the question “Are you pregnant yet?” that I’ve been asked for years now, and let you know that I’ve got my own little bun in the oven.

I’m silly, I know.

I’ve researched running while pregnant.  Yep, that’s the plan.  It’s a real passion of mine to continue running until I’m full-term.

I’ve researched running strollers, and yes, it’s multiple hundred dollars, but I bought maternity clothes in August through Craigslist, so I’m saving money other ways.  A good quality running stroller is definitely a must-have in our house.

I’ve thought a lot about names, and although we don’t know if “it” is a boy or girl, we have our list and I’ve done my share of morning runs imagining my little person in a few years.  You can call me crazy if you’d like, but it’s a crazy thing to anticipate a new life of my own flesh and blood.

There are babies everywhere.  Since we’ve been talking kids in the last few weeks, I’ve seen babies everywhere: cute babies, ugly babies (possible, yes), fat babies, big-headed babies, hairy babies, happy babies, crying babies, and everything possible in-between (yes, I should avoid County fairs… they seem to have a lot of strollers and it’s not helping this baby fever of mine.)

Ok, I’m done rambling.  What counsel do you have for this first-time mother?

1 thought on “The News Is Out. {I’ve been dying to post this.}”

  1. When you feel tired, rest. Your body is making another person and you need all the rest you can get. Realize that things may happen in cycles (tiredness, nausea, etc.). Don’t neglect your husband and his needs. Finally, no one is allowed to use pregnancy (or anything) as an excuse for bad behavior or sinning. (I know you know that!) Enjoy! Once they start moving around, then you feel like there’s another person inside of you that you and your husband created. This is a feeling he could never experence so keep him posted.

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