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4 Weeks, 5 Days: PoppySeed — Looking Back

Please join me as I look back at some “journaling” through the first trimester (when I was DYING to tell you all the news!).


January 26, 2013

I’m exploding inside, dying to hit the “publish” button on this post, but bear with me, as by the time you will have read this, I will be much further along.

Pregnancy Marker: I’m 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

Baby Size: My baby is the between the size of a poppy seed (4wk) and an apple seed (5wk).

Poppy-SeedSymptoms: I got sick on a run with Adam last Sunday and during a race the day before, and had no idea why.  It’s nice to know why I wasn’t feeling so hot!  Around 8am and 10pm every day, I feel a little discomfort and sick, but other than that, I’m feeling great!

Cravings: I’ve been wanting all things hot and spicy.  I bought a jar of peppericini peppers on Wednesday, and they are definitely halfway finished.  I am finding myself reaching for the Frank’s Red Hot and extra salt.

Body Changes:  I have a little bump.  No, it’s not visible to most people but I’ve just been getting the abs I’ve been working for, and suddenly I’m losing sight of my abs!  No! lol

How I Told Adam: Last night, after over 12 hrs of dying to tell Adam, I told him that I had to give him something I had bought for him last year at a Spartan Race.

After giving him the onesie, he laughed… and did not understand what I was trying to communicate.

So, I laughed and gave him a kiss and told him that I would not be running Ragnar this year. (Ironically, we had talked earlier this month about how it was good I wasn’t pregnant this month because I would have been due at the end of September at the time of one of our favorite races.) So, when I said, “I can’t run the Ragnar this year…” he responded with a pause and then a “For real?!”  Note: We are both very happy.

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