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8 Weeks, 2 Days: My Raspberry – Looking Back

Pregnancy Marker: 8 weeks, 2 days

Baby Size: The baby is the size of a large raspberry this week.

Symptoms: Wow, exhausted.  I thought 5 weeks was hard to get out of bed.  Getting out OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAof bed has not been a huge issue this week as much as staying out of bed. Lol I can get up fine, but seriously, by 10:30am, I’m ready for a nap. I’m also really cold!  I know it’s the increased speed of blood circulating through me and the baby, but it’s not fun to feel chilled internally all the time. My face had been doing so well, but I’ve broken out some.  Tea tree oil, here I come. I’ve woken up every night this week around 2:30am with some not-so-fun nausea and cramping.  Waking up nauseous is not pleasant.  However, as long as I’m not hungry during the day, I’m not nauseated.

Cravings: I am not really a fan of anything sweet.  Even tea too sweet kind of grosses me out.  Carbs are still my favorite, but I’m focusing more on eating healthy carbs and less of the kind that I’m really desiring (junk).  I’m thirsty like I’ve been in a dessert.

Mint gum helps with borderline nausea, which is funny since I was expecting that to be repulsive.  Thanks, Karalie, for that tip!

Body Changes: I can say that no one would be able to notice the little pouch I’m beginning to feel except me (or Adam).  We’ve both noticed a little less definition in my abs (although I was happy to see them again after a good run yesterday), and I can totally feel the bloating emphasizing my little growing raspberry.

Additional Comments: Our families all know now. 🙂 They’re all very excited for us!

Doctor’s Appointments: I get to have my first pre-natal appointment in 2 days, on Friday, February 22!  I can’t wait!

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