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11 Weeks, 2 Days: My Little Lime — Looking Back

How I feel

I feel great! I am so thankful because my morning sickness has been so minimal.  I really only ever feel nauseated when I’m hungry.  I’m not falling asleep at my desk at work (almost happened –I will admit) and I am not achy/tired all over like I was for a few long weeks.

My energy has returned in the morning, but I am starting off my day a little differently than before.  I’m not running around as stressed before, as I’m spending time reading and studying and praying.  I’m working out in the evening and listening to my body when it needs a rest day.

How I look

Most people would probably still not know that I’m pregnant (actually, most people don’t lol).  The size of my bump changes daily (completely normal) with how much food I have in my stomach, how much rest I’ve had, and how bloated I feel.


We are telling our closest friends this week/weekend. 🙂 I have a few more people to tell before, and we’re letting our church know on Sunday.  We’ll wait a week or so more before making it known worldwide.  Then, these will be posted on my blog, so people can catch up with where we are and follow the statistics of our little bean raspberry lime.

On a funny note, Aaron told me that Kendra (his girlfriend) told him he should not only be excited that Adam and I are expecting but that he should tell me.  Yesterday, he told me he was “excited for his or her third birthday!!!!”  Thanks, Aaron. 🙂 I hope you enjoy this kid while he/she is still a baby too!

Food Cravings/Aversions

I’m trying to eat well (and healthy) and thankfully, my appetite is normal (no crazy cravings…. yet). I’m no longer dying for carbs and am back to desiring salads and healthy foods again (what a relief!).

Sweets are still a definite aversion, and even pickles have lost their charm.  Creamy things sound amazing, and

Baby Size

Last week, my baby was the size of a prune.  Really???  We can come up with anything limemore creative??  Thankfully, this week he/she is the size of a lime.  That’s so cool.  I handle those semi-regularly.  They’re a decent size, and wow, I have a lime-size baby inside me!

Doctor Appointments

My next doctor appointment is next Friday, a week from today.  Aaaah! I’m so excited to see my baby again!  Adam will be coming with me this time, and I’m so excited for it to become visual for him.  Sure, he knows and he’s excited, but it’s so surreal until you’ve actually seen the baby moving around. 🙂 I can’t wait!


Before I saw the baby in week 8, I was calling my child a girl.  It was weird.  I just kept saying “she”.  Since then, however, all that comes out is “he”.  I was praying as I ran the other day and realized that I was praying for my son to grow to be a Godly man of character.  Then, I had to laugh and say, “make that a Godly woman if she’s a girl, Lord.”  I took some “home tests” by answering some symptom-related questions, and literally, after 12 tests, my “odds” of having a boy versus a girl were exactly even. We’ll see!  8 ½ more weeks or so!  Goodness, that sounds like forever away!

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