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14 Weeks, 6 Days: Lemon

Well, laugh all you want, but this has been the week of forgetting I’m pregnant.  I’ve run (and felt great).  I’ve played with kids and been productive around the house.  I’ve slept well.  Stop.  I have so much to be thankful for.

Minor Details…. we are in the 2ndtrimester, and I’m super-excited that I am over 7/20 of the way there. That’s almost halfway!!!  The year is going fast!

How I Look

I don’t feel huge (I think I’m adjusting to my not-so-flat stomach), and my clothes are wearing differently.  I’m still in my normal clothes with a little creativity (hair tie) working for me for the jeans/dress pants. My mother-in-law bought me some awesome maternity shirts that I just can’t wait to wear.

Weight Gain

Lemon sideAs of my 12-week appointment, I’d only gained about a pound and a half.  On Sunday, I weighed myself on my in-law’s scale (since I threw mine out 🙂 ) and I hadn’t gained a pound at all according to theirs.  If I show up next Monday for my appointment and haven’t gained anything else, I’m sure I’ll be in trouble, but it’s not for my lack of eating. lol Ask any of the girls I work with and poor Adam who I text at lunch almost every day telling him that I’m starving (still).

Food Cravings/Aversions

So far, I can’t really say I’ve had the aversions (except sugar).  I can’t really say I’ve had cravings (like I had anticipated cravings anyway).  I more get hungry at random times of the day/night.  I’ll be sitting in bed at 10:30pm, and suddenly decide that a piece of pepperoni pizza sounds amazing.  Then I roll over and go to bed. No desire has been to die for.  Thankfully, I’m back to not craving only carbs, or atleast the carbs that I am desiring include all manner of veggies and fruits (good riddance, first trimester and your craving all manner of empty carbs).

Baby Size

We are now the size of a lemon (for one more day, that is), and I am waiting to see how hungry I am today.  I swear this little bugger does all his/her growing on the last day of the week, because I’m normally ravenous that day!


I have no idea.  I will be happy with either. 🙂 Some friends got us our first sleeper last Sunday.  It’s a blue sleeper with fire trucks all over it.  While it’s definitely “meant” for a boy, my little girl will be growing up around the fire department, so either way, boy or girl, it will be appropriate.  Super-excited to have a baby to put it on!

Dr Appointments

My next doctor appointment is Monday, April 15.  I’ll be almost 16 weeks at that time, and while I won’t be able to have an ultrasound to see my little baby, I look forward to hearing the heartbeat again. 🙂

Additional Notes

I found the stroller I want!!! (SideNote: I love Craigslist.)  This really has been the one thing I’m willing to invest in for this baby.  We plan on using an old crib (Adam’s when he was a child) and using a dresser with a bad for a changing table, and I bought maternity clothes secondhand as well.  However, my stroller is the one thing that I’ve wanted to be the best of the best.

The stroller is the BOB Ironman.  It’s meant for long runs and hardcore running, and it retails for $409.00.  Call me crazy, but I plan on running quite a bit with my baby in tow.  I found the stroller I want on Craigslist for $180.  Such a blessing!!

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