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16 Weeks: My Healthy Avocado

Making it week 16 is like making it to age 15.  You’re still a teenager, but it’s somehow cooler and more official than just making it into the ranks like 13 and 14.  In the same way, week 15 felt like I had JUST made it into the second trimester.  Now, at least I’ve been here for two weeks. … and yes, that sounds completely irrational now that I read it, but oh, well. 🙂

How I look

My little belly is growing.  It’s more noticeable to other people.  At one point this week, Imms_picture-5 woke up and felt like it was not really debatable that I have a baby belly. 🙂 No complaints.  I went through some clothes in my closet and dresser and put them away for post-baby wear, because my belly has started to grow and one thing I detest is stretched out shirts (Just ask my little sister. I was anal about that growing up).

Weight Gain

I had a doctor’s appointment this past Monday.  I ate breakfast before I went and drank about 16 oz of water/juice.  According to their scale, I had gained back the 2 pounds I’d “lost” (I hadn’t lost anything last time.  So, according to them, I’m still at my starting weight, meaning I’ve not gained a pound.  I think maybe I haven’t gained anything since last visit and the eating and drinking that morning helped bump me up where I “needed” to be. Either way, the doctor wasn’t upset with my progress or lack thereof but she did give me a stern “keep eating.”  I am, woman; believe me. I am.  I did a quick measurement on Sunday, and I’ve lost inches on my legs (which seems weird to me) but it’s probably a loss of muscle definition as that was definitely the first body change I noticed.

Food Cravings/Aversions

The past two weeks I have craved nothing but fruit (except have zero interest in apple and oranges) and vegetables.  I must be in need of some additional vitamins.  Other than that, I’m still eating normally, eating a lot, and not really having any noted aversions.  I had been completely grossed out by the smell of Ramen noodles for a few weeks, but that doesn’t seem to bother me anymore.

Baby Size

My baby is now the size of an avocado.  Somehow that seems smaller than an orange to me, but he/she now weighs approximately 3.5 oz and is 4.6 inches long.


Oh my word!!!!!!! I felt the baby 100% positively this past Sunday.  Adam and I were relaxing on the couch, and I was poking and prodding around my belly, as I find myself doing some times.  I had located the general area where the baby was and was feeling around, when I felt a tiny little ridge area.  I was going to tell Adam to feel there when suddenly, I felt something strange on the inside, and the little person in me moved underneath my fingers.  I can’t even stop smiling when I think about it.  What an amazing miracle of life growing within me.


The predictions have begun.  Comment and let me know what gender you think our baby is! 🙂 I am so excited to find out in 1 month!

Doctor Appointments

We had our 16-week appointment on Monday, and it went well.  The doctor said my blood pressure couldn’t be better, and my little one has a healthy heartbeat between 158 and 161.  

Additional Notes

We’ve officially chosen the “baby’s room”, which has been acting as my workout room.  So what… I’ll be lifting weights next to the crib and changing table. Lol  I’m excited to do some painting and preparation for the baby’s coming.

More Updates to Come!

3 thoughts on “16 Weeks: My Healthy Avocado”

  1. fruits and vegis????? gotta be a girly baby !!! if it were a boy youd be slamming hamburgers and pork chops by now !!!! ha ha ha

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