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Victory: Taking Thoughts Captive


It is amazing to me the power of emotions.  One simple suggestion reminds of an unfriendly reality which finds me saddened the current state of things and then frustrated, tearful, restless, discontent.

Is that not the power of a single, uncontrolled thought?  It leads from one single point victorythrough a myriad of explainable emotions to create additional thoughts and reveal other yet undiscovered (or just rediscovered) emotions and desires and pain.

When God has called us to take our thoughts captive (2 Corinthians 10:5), I have to believe that He calls us to that because He knows our tendencies, especially as women, to allow one thought to spiral into a deep hole of thoughts that neither glorify Him nor remind us of what’s eternal.

It’s a simple choice, you know, like putting your hands down on the sides of a sled and allowing the friction to bring you to a slow halt.  It’s not always as easy as hitting the power button on our minds and watching the screen of our minds clear.  Sometimes the halt is slower and less than pretty.  Sometimes the tears still come, the struggles still rise up, the temptations still threaten.

The thoughts are captive though.  That’s the beauty of those hands dug in the snow to bring the proverbial sled to a stop.  It might take a decent amount of time, you might lose feeling in your hands or lose a glove, but the decision is made to stop what is out of control, and therein lies the victory.

Today I stuck my hands in the snow.  Victory is sweet.


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