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23 Weeks, 5 Days: Our Little Man

Ok, ok.  We’re still alive.  We’re ok.  I’ve just been too busy to do the updates I was hoping. 🙂  We are both doing well, and I can’t wait to share with you some updates as we finish up month 5.

How I Look

mms_picture-6I am pregnant … and in the last weeks, it has become impossible to hide.  My little bump has turned to a mountain and my child is growing larger every day.  I’m glad about that, but boy, my pregnancy belly is appearing… and with a fury.  Thankfully, I seem to be ony gaining weight in my belly (and my butt has gotten bigger too), but my arms remain stringy (I lost a lot of muscle definition–waah!) And my face and legs haven’t gotten too big either.  I’ll take it!  I’m hoping that this will help with losing the weight/size after the baby is born.

I’d like to be like my mom in this, who wore her normal jeans right out of the hospital with her first child.  Please, Lord, give me those genes!

Weight Gain

I don’t have a scale at home, but I’m thinking I’ve breached the 130 wall, but it can’t be by much.  The little one hasn’t gained that much, but then again…. who knows.  He was a porker a few weeks ago (14 oz when they normally weigh in around 10 or 11 oz at 20 weeks), so maybe he’s even more ahead of schedule now.

I feel pretty good about my weight gain, but then I don’t have much to compare it to.

Food Cravings/Aversions

I really have had zero cravings.  It’s kind of disappointing after everyone says you’ll be craving crazy foods at all hours of the day and night.  My appetite has not increased much anymore as much as my ability to eat much has diminished.  I’m satisfied with a sandwich or a snack and one decent-sized large serving of dinner as opposed to going back for seconds and thirds the way people make it sound like I’ll want to do.

I really have no aversions except that I still can’t stand the smell of Ramen noodles, but hey, I’ll take that one.

Baby Size

My little man is now supposedly the weight of 2 large mangoes, but since he was almost this weight 3 weeks ago, I must assume that he’s moved on from that.  He’s as long as green onions apparently (who picks these comparisons??) or about 11+ inches long.


Ok, I know I’ve been that bad.  My last post we weren’t even in the 2nd trimester!  Ugh!  We had our 20-week scan, and we are very clearly having a boy!  🙂 We are so thankful for how healthy he is.  I don’t know how this works, but he was measuring ahead a week or so and still only in the 58% percentile for his age.  I’ll take it.  I’m thinking a 6-pound baby sounds wonderful compared to a 8-10 pound baby! lol Maybe that’s wishful thinking.

Dr Appointments

Our next appointment is June 13, and it’ll pretty much just involve listening to his heartbeat and getting some paperwork to schedule my glucose test —–gross.  If I’m not a fan of candy/sweets normally, I can only imagine how awful this will be.  Friends tell me it takes like flat ginger ale.  Great.

Additional Notes

Not much else to say…. except that I’ve been laughed at this week a couple times for my silly noises I make when I’m trying to do something that used to be easy.  Lol It’s becoming kind of funny how weird/uncomfortable it feels to lean over and try to do simple things, but oh well.  I’m sure it’ll only get worse. Lol (comforting….not)

I can still tie my own shoes, paint my own toenails (if I cared about keeping up on that), and shave my own legs, so I’m happy.

1 thought on “23 Weeks, 5 Days: Our Little Man”

  1. I didnt have cravings either. I think peopke say that as an excuse to eat their favourites all the time. With Wesley our second born I watched what I ate and the amount because baby weight is so very hard to loose. I lost all but 3 lbs when I delivered Wesley. He was 10 lbs 4 in and 23 1/4 in long. Big “little” boy. I couldnt believe I gave birth to him.
    I wanted to tell you that at 41 weeks I was still tying my own shoes 🙂 God was good to me and I was very healthy during my pregnancy.

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