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Rain: Never a legit reason to cancel a race.

Let me preface this by giving a shout-out to my work ladies who have been looking for this post since last Thursday.  I told them that I was going home to blog about how ridiculous the situation was, but I never made it to my computer that night (as I seem to hardly ever be able to nowadays).

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On June 13, about 12 of us from my law firm were scheduled to run the Corporate Challenge.  If you’re not familiar with this kind of race, it’s a 5k, relay race, and predicted mile race involving employees of a variety of large corporations in the area in an attempt to encourage health and fitness.  Our firm is one of the sponsors, and we often bring a team of 20 people or so to compete in a variety of the events.  I finished 3rd place in the Medium Company Division 5k with a time of 25:09, which was a great time for me at that time! (It was my first running trophy ever!)

Last year, we ran this race is scorching heat, and although we finished the races exhausted and soaked, we did it.  It was a fun race and a fun time as work group!  This year, we had some good rainstorms coming through, and instead of only canceling if there was thunder, they cancelled the event at 12 noon, and we all just enjoyed a cool but refreshing rainfall that night…. and no race.

For real??? You canceled a race because of rain??  There wasn’t tornado-strength winds, hail, and flooding.  We’re talking rain!  We’re talking you-don’t-have-to-slow-down-too-much-while-you’re-driving-‘cause-the rain-isn’t-even-coming-down-that-hard kind of rain.  We’re talking a BEAUTIFUL night for a run that would have left us rejuvenated and relaxed instead of hot and gross like last year.

I understand when people cancel events for a sport that could cause real danger if continued in the rain, sports such as football and soccer——oh wait, they don’t cancel those sports for rain!

The race is in the process of being rescheduled for July 11, and I’m sure the day will be hot and disgusting. Lol I’ll get over it.

[End Rant.]

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