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26 Weeks, 2 Days: Our Man Has A Name!

If you haven’t noticed, life is pretty busy, and weekly updates are just happening.  I feel like every few weeks things are more interesting anyway.  Not much changes week to week, but in almost a month, things are progressing well.  We are officially less than 100 days ‘til our due date: it is *only* 97 days ‘til October 2. 🙂

How I Look

I don’t really know how to respond to this anymore.  I might have to alter this section ‘cause “I look big” is just about all I can say.  My belly is getting bigger, but thankfully, that’s about it (that I can tell).

Weight Gain

At my 24 week appointment, the nurse nearly had a heart attack after I had had a 7 pound gain in one month.  Believe me—the heart attack was mutual.  That put me at a 16-pound gain, which is actually right on target, so I’m no longer having that freak-out moment.   He is healthy, so that’s what matters, and I am still active and doing well, so I don’t mind.

Food Cravings/Aversions

I still have no cravings, although I’ve been enjoying juice more than I would have before pregnancy.  I also found myself wanting tomatoes a few days in a row, which was a sign that I was low in iron; now that I’m faithfully taking iron, those desires are gone.

The aversion to the smell of Ramen noodles is gone.  Weird.

Baby Size

Our handsome man is now approximately 2 pounds and 14 inches from head to butt. 🙂


Our little man does not sleep, except at night.  It has become kind of fun to feel his ridiculously active movements throughout the day.  He’s never in the same place for any length of time.  I’ve felt bulges at my lower back, both sides of my belly, way above my belly button as well as below, and seen protruding bumps here and there as he stretches.

Dr Appointments

My next “appointment” is my glucose testing.  On July 1, I have to go to the hospital, drink the sugary drink, and sit for an hour there so they can test my blood sugar level.  Then, our next pre-natal appointment is July 11, when they’ll have the results.  I’m really not concerned about gestational diabetes.  I don’t think I eat enough sugar to have high sugar issues.  We will be 28 weeks by then and officially in the 3rd trimester.  I think from there, we’ll be meeting with the doctor every 2-3 weeks.

Additional Notes

The next house project I have is to paint Titus’ room, although he won’t be in there for a few months after he’s born.  He’ll be staying in our camping room across the hall from us ‘cause he’ll be closer (Daddy’s request) and then, when he’s a little bigger, we’ll move him down the hall to his room.  We’re not doing a nursery theme at all.  We’re setting up the room with a running theme, so we can have a place to display all of Adam’s running medals (and Titus’s 2 medals from pre-birth! Lol), trophies, and pictures.

… oh, yeah! 😉

His Name

After weeks of deliberating, we are happy to say that our little man officially has a name: Titus Garrett.  We are excited to have a name to attach to our little one, and we can’t wait to put a face to him either!

Until next time, here’s a picture of the big ol’ belly and our hidden little Titus:

Excuse the appearance... it's been a long day! lol
Excuse the appearance… it’s been a long day! lol

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