3rd Trimester, Life, Pregnancy

Pregnancy: How It’s Cramping My Style

I got your attention with that title, huh?  In case you just weren’t sure, that was intentional, because I want to share a little honest blurb about pregnancy.

warning-politically-incorrect2People are pretty surprised when I say I’m “over” pregnancy.  Here I am 7 months this week, and I’m ready to no longer be pregnant.  And I’ve had it easy! As I’ve written in my updates during the 1st and 2nd trimesters, I’ve had limited sickness during the first trimester and about 2 days of heartburn that have allowed me to discover the wonder of Tums.  That’s about it.  So, what am I complaining about?  I’m not.  I love my son.  In fact, I adore him already, and I am so excited to see his little face that I would go into labor tomorrow if that would be healthy for both of us. (I know it wouldn’t!) I’m really not scared for labor or the whole birthing process…(I’m enjoying the last few months of being naive lol)…. I just want to hold him [with my arms].

I just think it’s important for pregnant women to realize that they’re not going to damage their child’s psyche, that they’re not going to be a bad mom, and that they’re not the only mom to not be a fan of acting as “a human incubator”, as my co-worker Laurie would call it.

Again, I love that fact that our child is growing inside me!  I love the fact that I can feel him move!  I’m thankful that he’s healthy, and I recognize daily that it’s a MIRACLE.  However, I can’t say that I love being pregnant (as I thought I might).  Don’t worry; I don’t plan on Titus being an only child.

Motherhood is a sacrifice.  It’s way more of giving of oneself than the new mom has yet to experience.  I do not regret the decision to have children.  There’s just a lot of ways that process of pregnancy cramps one’s ability to do a variety of things  (although I still do quite a bit).

It’s ok to feel a little disappointed that you’ve got limitations during this period.  Hang in there; it’s not permanent and it’ll be so worth it! 🙂

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