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34 Weeks: Let the Countdown Begin

Bear with me as this post is now 6 days old… oops. Time is running away! (Hurrah!)

How I Look

I’m big, I’m pregnant, and I’m excited to be so (well, the pregnant part, not the big part 😉 ).  I’ve been asked if I’m sure I’m not having twins. ???? Am I really that big??

Weight Gain

At my last appointment at 32 weeks, I had gained 1 more pound for a total of 18 (according to me) and 13 according to the doctor.

How I Feel

I feel excited.  I’m not really too uncomfortable, and thank the Lord, I’ve been sleeping solidly.  I’ve had about 2 days when I was uncomfortable/had heartburn, another 2 when I had to get up for the bathroom twice, and the rest of this pregnancy, I have continued to sleep like a rock.  I can still roll over from side to side without sitting up. I have had restless sleep with random leg cramps that I’ve half-woken up to stretch out, but honestly, I cannot complain at all!

Food Cravings/Aversions

I had the weirdest bit of a sweet tooth this past week with a desire for juice and fruit and bubble tea/iced tea.  That is just about as crazy as my cravings have gotten, so I’ve been okay with that and decided I probably need the vitamin C from the fruit and juice.

Baby Size

Our handsome man is now approximately 4-6 pounds and about 15-17 inches from head to toe. 🙂 I cannot wait ‘til we can see him again on the ultrasound!!! I’ve been a little tentative about getting the 3d/4d ultrasound because I’m not a fan of how they feel (they feel invasive somehow—if that’s possible) but I’m dying to see his face.  Aaaaah…what a struggle!


🙂 I love how active Titus is. 🙂 Adam has gotten to see Titus do some pretty crazy turns and rolls and I’ve pretty much identified his butt, knee, and heel, because he’s pretty set on his current position.  I swear I saw his toes the other day when he pushed out from my belly so hard.  I wish my camera would have captured it!


From his movements, I am going to ascertain that he is tiny.  I don’t know of any 34-wk baby being this active still (as in, rolling around and such), so I’m going to say he’s on the smaller side.

My other predictions are that he has big feet (due his big footprint on my belly on Monday) and that his legs are lanky.  My guess is his little leg measures about 3 inches long just from knee to ankle.  Again, these are just based on my glimpses. 🙂

Dr. Appointments

For my last appointment, I met with Elaine, a midwife. I have to say I really like her.  She’s very straight forward and no-nonsense while being laid back and non-alarmist.  I like that a lot.

My next doctor appointment is August 30 (I’ll be 35 weeks).  I’ll be back to Laura, my regular doctor, and hopefully, she’ll then schedule our 36-week ultrasound. 🙂 🙂

Until next time, here’s a picture of the big ol’ belly and our hidden little man.


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