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Mothers and Marathons: An Exercise in Flexibility

I have to laugh.  I’m on week 1 of my 24 week marathon training and I’ve already screwed up the schedule.  This Monday I ran my 3 miles (on a rather empty stomach and it was hardly a great run).  Yesterday I was supposed to “bike 30 min”, which, because I don’t have a bike, I planned to replace with finishing up my LiveFit lifting program.  That didn’t happen. I spent the whole day in town with errands and appointments and just couldn’t get the lifting done. Oh well.  So my rest day took place on my 2nd day instead of my 4th day.  Who cares.

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A year ago I might have been discouraged by that. I might have done a double today to make up for it.  However, the fact is that life with a baby is much different than that of a single person, a married person with no kids, and even a pregnant woman.  It’s just different.

Titus slept in his car seat while I lifted this afternoon.
Titus slept in his car seat while I lifted this afternoon.

I’m okay with a little flexibility.  I’m okay with switching today to a lifting day because tomorrow I know Adam will be  available to watch Titus while I take another run.  I’m okay with a little less than traditional training schedule, squeezing in a workout while the little guy naps or after both he and Adam are asleep at night in order to not miss out on time with them for my workouts.   We’re making it work.

If you, like me, are finding yourself torn between motherhood and marathons, remember to prioritize and to practice a little flexibility.  Get out there and run … but don’t let it interfere with your life.  Sacrifice, yes… but don’t sacrifice those you love for those goals.  Be dedicated but don’t be obsessive.  Be committed but don’t be consumed.

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