It feels like 4+ years since I’ve blogged. I’m not sure it’s not been that long. I’ve honestly stopped counting.  You know I wrote a book, right? I finished the draft a week or so before my first kid was born, and that feels like the last time I put pen to paper.

In the last few years, what has changed?

  • We have 3 kids! I cannot even believe that I’m a mom of 3 kids…. guess that makes me an adult, right?
  • I’m a stay-at-home mom and I put down my network marketing gig.  Why? Long-story I plan to write about soon (Feel free to PM me if you want to know sooner) but God is writing an amazing story with our lives, and I’m so glad to be 100% focused on THAT now!
  • I’m out of shape but also in the best shape of my life!  How does that work?? Years ago, I wrestled with my health after destroying it in college.  Now, I’m in the best health of my life and cannot wait to share more details with you on how an why (without selling you any products! lol) !  Out of shape how then?  I used to run so much and even lift and I miss it a crazy amount, but remember change #1?  Yep, my focus has shifted a lot. lol
  • We now have an amazing group of local friends, whereas before, honestly, I was super-lonely and had only West Coast friends.  New York is a long way away from Southern CA, Indiana, and Kentucky, so it’s been such a breath of fresh air to be doing real life with other people who have similar passions and world views!
  • New things are around the corner for us—for me, for my husband, and my family, and I am excited to share all our new beginnings, adventures, trials, and victories with you all!

Stay tuned for more!25398095_790495420280_6978539196781623893_o


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