It’s been a hot minute.

Man, when they said being a mom was a busy life, they weren’t joking… and another year is gone. So many wonderful memories, so many tears (of joy and sadness), so many giggles, so many messes and bloody knees, so many sinks of dishes, and man, oh man, how do we have so many pairs of socks??

It’s amazing how much we think we know… before we have kids, before we become parents, before you realize you’ve been handed a soul and only have a few (yes, 18 feels like a few) years to really introduce them to the Creator of the Universe and offer them an example of life, love, and joy walking in obedience to Him.

Yet this post isn’t about parenting. It’s not about 2019, which is seems from all social media, has been a long and somewhat difficult year for many (including this family). It’s not about 2020, and the new year and the hope and possibility that that represents, the goals and changes we wish to see come to fruition in the next 365 days.

I’m learning to let go of the rush and to *gasp* sit for a hot minute and be still. To revel in the power of silence, obscurity (I’m loving this word and concept), and peace. Real peace. Not the kind after a long day of being super productive and running 50 miles per hour all day and feeling accomplished but the kind that sits down in the midst of the spilled milk and tears, frustration and mishap to beckon my children to come and sit in my lap to be held and loved. That rest. The rest that the Lord has been ever so patiently calling me to take in His lap, but I’ve been too busy doing, too busy accomplishing, too busy dumping cereal and making laundry piles, too busy being everything to everyone else except the One who gave me Life and Who continues to give me life and love daily. My Love has been waiting, and this year–2019–has been the year of learning I need to slow my restless heart.

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