Book Reviews

I’ve always been called a bookworm. Since I started reading at age 3, most days I could be found with a book in my hand. I definitely had favorite genres, but honestly, if it was written, it was worth reading. So, I’ve experimented with almost every style of writing and of course, a variety of authors and time periods. The process does not normally disappoint.

As an adult, my avid reading has continued, and in this season of life, a majority of it is happening with a single cheap earbud (the other is probably dead in my car drink holder) while I mill about the house, tend to my sourdough, mix up a batch of mozzarella, and listen to my own children play.

In 20.., I found the gift of Goodreads and began my first challenge of 12 books in a year’s period. In the consecutive years, I’ve increased my yearly challenge number and have yet to catch up to the 500+ and growing list of books I’d love to read.

After reading 65 books in 2022 that I have some pretty decent opinions on (surprise), I’ve decided to share some thoughts from the books I’m reading this year (2023) as well as review some books from the past. I’d love to discuss them with you!