My Writing

I am a writer.  I am first and foremost a daughter of the King, a wife to the most-wonderful man ever, a sister, a daughter, and a friend.  However, I am a writer.

My writings here come from my heart.  They may seem scattered, they may seem unorganized, but I hope that what they do communicate to you as the reader is a love for my Savior, a love for people, and a love for words.  (If I communicate a love for food too, I won’t be disappointed.  That definitely ranks up there. 🙂 )

My heart is in writing fiction, although, as you can see, that is not my most-frequent choice of expression.  I write articles for local newsletters, assist others in writing – let me know if you ever want writing or editing help – and take just a small portion of my day to share my world with the rest of you.

My writing schedule consists of one daily post (or sometimes, if there’s a lot on my mind, two posts/day).  I have a few regular posts per week during which I put aside my more opinion- and circumstantially-based posts and write about very particular topics.  They are as follows:

Sundays: Fiction

This section of my blog is my perfect opportunity to include some fiction into this blog.  Like a tv show that comes out once a week, I will be including a portion of one of my stories here for you to enjoy.  You can look forward to the continuation the following week.

Tuesdays: Intellectual Discussion

Not all of my writing needs to be the everyday actions of one Ashley Bowman.  This selected blog-day will include some intellectually or spiritually challenging discussion on either writing itself, the Word, media, the news, relationships, or something you suggest for me as a topic.  I am quite open to topic-ideas.

Fridays: Food

Yes, this just might be the reason you think I’m passionate on this subject.  I guess you could say I am. 🙂  I love to cook, to experiment, to learn new techniques and recipes, and to spend time in the kitchen at the stove and/or oven.  I’m not much of a baker, but I want to learn to be; however, give me some meat and pasta and rice and sauces, and I’ll be in heaven.  My goal with this section of my blog is to welcome you into the world of my kitchen.  I hope to include some favorite recipes from the kitchen of my mother and mother-in-law as well as share with you lessons learned and experiences that will, I’m sure, make you laugh.

I hope that this brief explanation of my blog, my writing, and my intentions for you as a reader will allow you to better enjoy the experience you have here on this site!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Bon Appetit!

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