Adam, Food, Life

It’s 12:30am….

… and I’m up enjoying chatting with a girlfriend on Facebook and perusing cooking websites.  Yes.  Food again.

My pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are finished cooling, my plans for breakfast are pretty cemented, and I’m excited to go shopping to finish getting the ingredients for dinner tomorrow night.  Sigh…. I wish I were a millionaire, and I could have unlimited supplies (like they do on MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen) that I could use to experiment on new recipes every day and all day.

Don’t get me wrong. The more I think about it, the more I realize just how blessed I am to have a hard-working husband who loves that I love to cook and who provides for me well-enough to supply my cooking/food fetish. 🙂  Thank you, Adam!  You’re the best! 🙂

Speaking of Adam, he fell asleep watching a tv show on Hulu, and has been asleep on the couch for about two hours now.  I hate waking him, and I’ve been enjoying cooking websites, so it’s not been a problem. I should wake him though, so he can take out his contacts, and I should hit the sack too, so I can actually get done all that I want to before I must work again tomorrow.  I like starting work at 10am.  It allows for me to actually accomplish a few things before being tied to my computer for 5 hrs.

Well, I’m off to do that…



P.S. I really don’t like that my camera on my phone turns all my pictures psychedelic green.  Otherwise I would post pictures of the cookies I just baked. Mmmmmmm…..

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