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Talk about It Tuesdays: New Topic Contest!!

I’m looking for some feedback here! 🙂

I’m trying to decide what YOU want me to discuss on Tuesdays, and writing a series is much more profitable than working on random topics every week. So….

I’m announcing a contest for the new Talk about It Tuesdays topic!  Here are the rules:

1. Post your reply to this blog post on this blog. This means that replying to my Facebook link or Twitter post don’t count! You have to come to this blog post and reply on here!

2. Offer a suggestion on a topic you wish to hear more about or would like to study but just haven’t had the time.  I’m open to all suggestions!

The Prize! After one week, I will post the winner of this contest. The winner is the person with the greatest discussion idea! That person will be sent the Guilt-Free Cooking cookbook for FREE!

Let the contest begin….

12 thoughts on “Talk about It Tuesdays: New Topic Contest!!”

  1. okay i think you should talk about the benefits of natural and organic foods as aposed to nasty bio engenered alter and chemical enduced fake food and produce…thats a talk about it tuesday subject!!(forgive the spelling PLEASE!)

  2. I’m interested, as you know, in picking your brain about your writing and editing skills. I would love to read a how-to series on what you feel are your areas of strength with the written word.

  3. I think an encouraging and challenging topic could be going through the different roles that women have and briefly describing God’s intent for us is in each of these roles. I know everyone has different roles as well, but some of the basic ones like sister, daughter, wife, neighbor, mentor, and friend could be covered separately on Tuesdays.

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  5. Well, I have a few ideas, some of which are perhaps not specific enough.

    First idea: The topic of organizing the time in your day – ideas for how to have a productive day, getting things done and not getting distracted. Maybe also going into what really should define what a “good” or “productive” day is. I have a lot of trouble with staying focused during the day, but sometimes it seems like a hopeless task to try to figure out which things to put on what priority.

    Other ideas, which may be a bit too general…

    The love of God – how the knowledge of the love of God affects our lives and our interactions with other people.

    Fear . . . discussing fear and how we shouldn’t let it control us (or let anything control us–in fact, maybe another good discussion could be how we let things in our lives control us), how the love of God casts out fear.

    Setting our eyes on things above and not things on the earth–how we should do all things as unto God, not being focused on our own plans, ideas, and agendas. The idea of submission to God, of taking up our cross and following Him.

    Hmm, I guess I’ll leave it at that.

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