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Product Reviews: WOW Baking Company Cookies

My father-in-law Joel is like Adam… a connoisseur of good food. That comes from my mother-in-law Bonnie being such a great cook.  Even more than being a great cook, Mom is a great baker.  She can cook desserts like nobody’s business.  She is most-well-known for her Grandma B’s fudge (Contact me if you’re interesting in a buying a pound …. or two… Trust me; it’s to die for.)

Recently, Dad brought me a box or two of packages from the mailbox. As he did, he curiously asked me what I’d gotten because he could “smell chocolate”. I quickly opened my boxes to find a large chocolate chip cookie by WOW Baking Company and gave it to him to review.  The results were the following text:

“This cookie is amazing. My birthday is May 22.”

I “LOL”ed …. for real (and added that to my list of birthday ideas for him…shhh…don’t tell).

WOW Baking Company offers other cookies as well.  Let’s talk about their cookies as a whole.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Refined Sugar-Free, Hydrogenated Oil-Free, Artificial Flavors-Free


Pros: WOW Baking Company makes large cookies!  They look like any other cookie, sold individually as a 1.4 oz cookie, as a cookie dough, as an 8 oz. box of mini cookies, or in a 12 oz. tub. These look great!

Cons: I have nothing negative to say in this regard.  These definitely appear as a traditional homemade cookie, but as you’ll see from my discussion of taste, they’re anything but traditional or boring.


Pros: After my father-in-law tasted the chocolate chip cookie offered by WOW, I was excited to taste the lemon burst cookie. I’m not even a fan of lemon flavored desserts, but WOW is right! They’re amazing!

Cons: I have zero cons for taste!


Pros: I could not believe how moist these cookies were!  They were soft and bendy, where at first, I thought they would be hard.  They were a wonderful mix of chewy and smooth. 🙂 WOW… can’t say that enough!

Cons: No cons here!

Another pro I keep thinking of is the large sprinkles of sugar on top of the lemon burst cookie. It was a great way to incorporate a complimenting (and sweet!) texture.

What I Love

I love that these individually packaged cookies ship well as well as store well… and stay moist!  I could have eaten more of them, and Dad’s mentioned these cookies to me multiple times!

What I’d Improve

My biggest sadness regarding this product is the cost. Of course, you get what you pay for, but these cookies are more expensive than most.


Overall Rating: A+


Buy these awesome gluten-free cookies here!

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