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Not by Bread Alone: Day 11/40

4:15pm. Day 11. Sitting on the couch. Still dressed for Tim Horton’s.  Adam will be home in 20 min, and I’m ready for a relaxing evening with my man.

Dinner is venison steak grilled with a side of maple-bacon baked potatoes (New recipe!) and a salad (if Adam agrees to eat one today 😉 ). I can smell the potatoes cooking in the oven, and the combination of real maple syrup and great-quality bacon has me taking deep breaths. I can almost taste it.

Sigh… I’m hungry… can you tell? My body’s doing pretty well, and I can’t say I have any stomach pains or nausea, but I’m just ready to have a real meal. I’m sick of juices and teas and water. I’d love for some fresh veggies, some macaroni and cheese, and a burger. Today’s cravings have been for cheese and protein. It’s Cinco de Mayo, and ironically, Mexican food has me craving it like there’s no tomorrow. Wonderful tacos, creamy enchiladas, spicy salsa, and cool guacamole…come to Mama! lol…ok, I know… a little crazy for sure, but I’m so ready for these 40 days to be over.

I’m not losing heart at all. I’m in it for the long-haul. I just wish time would fly a little faster, so that I could be planning my first meal…and enjoying it.

Here’s to another day. 🙂

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