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Product Reviews: Amy’s Light & Lean Pasta and Veggies

I have to admit that I was pretty excited to have a non-gluten-free microwave meal to review this time.  Adam can’t have it, so that allowed me a whole dish to eat slowly and analytically. Plus, Adam doesn’t want anything pasta with veggies in it (I’m converting him slowly)…but I sure do!

Allergy-Related Information: No Bioengineered Ingredients, No Preservatives, Soy-Free, Tree-Nut Free


Pros:  I have to say, for being a microwaveable meal, this meal actually looked appetizing! It also actually looked like the front of the box!  If you’ve eaten microwaveable food at any point, I’m sure you understand they always make the picture on the front more appetizing than the actual dish looks.  In this case, I was impressed.

Cons: The big issue I have with microwaveable meals in general (as well with this one) is that they’re just too small. I’m hungry!


Pros: I really loved the freshness of this meal by Amy’s.  I know the box says “organic”, but sometimes, you wonder if the “natural” meal actually make a difference in taste. They do!  Broccoli and asparagus in my pasta?  Absolutely!  Also, although I’m not a huge fan of fennel when used in over-powering amounts, I actually felt like the seasoning was well-done in this dish, as it complimented the sauce and pasta.

Cons: I love cheese, so I think a little more cheese would be to my liking. Preference only.


Pros: I was really, really impressed with the texture of the veggies in this meal!  Perfectly cooked–crunchy but not raw and soft but not mush–they add to the fresh, real taste and inspire me to add some veggies to my next pot of pasta.

Cons: As much as I like cheese, I really love my sauce with my pasta too. However, this was lightly sauced and healthier as a result, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

What I Love

I really love the amount of veggies in this dish.  Amy’s just didn’t give you 4 pieces of broccoli in the dish and call it pasta and veggies. There were veggies on top, within, and on the bottom of the dish! Way to go!

What I’d Improve

Give me the whole pot, not just a dish!  What a great meal! The one thing I would improve would be to add more cheese. If more cheese is not wanted, then maybe a stronger cheese, so it’s tasted more.

Overall Rating: A


Check out this tasty, healthy meal here!!

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