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The Offensive Truth: Christmas v. Easter

It boggles me in this world of political correctness that there should be such a dichotomy between two holidays our American society has grown to celebrate and love.  For those without a relationship with Jesus Christ, Christmas has become a commercialized holiday focused on the giving and receiving of gifts, yet many find themselves offended by the mere inclusion of the word “Christ” in the name of the holiday they celebrate.  In fact, in order to not offend anyone because of the Christian holiday, society has said that one should no longer refer to the holiday as Christmas and thereby wish anyone a “Merry Christmas” but should instead refer to any seasonal celebration in a general “Happy Holidays”.

christmas-easter1Such is the case with places of employment, such as the law firm where I work, where a large part of the population is not “religious” or Christian.  People whisper “Merry Christmas” to each other as we depart for the Christmas weekend.

On the other hand, today begins Easter weekend.  Despite the fact that this is a definite Christian (but yes, widely commercialized) holiday, everyone (Jewish or otherwise) openly wishes each other a “Happy Easter”.

It is this dichotomy that leaves me boggled by the thought that the birth of an innocent child could raise such an uproar.  Even the “prophets” of other religions had their own births.  However, only one religion claims to have a leader who not only died (as all religions had leaders who died) but rose again and beat death.   Yet, society still respects this holy day and the world recognizes this as a time for sober reflection and holy reverence.

So, let me ask you, my non-believing friends…. why is more offensive?  The fact that a child was born … or that my God died and then rose again?

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