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31 Weeks: My Active Pineapple

Today I hit the 62 day mark!  How insane is that?!  I am pretty excited to be so close to seeing my little man and getting more excited/impatient by the week.

How I Look

This past weekend was the first time I got told I look big. Lol Thank you?  Who says that to a pregnant woman??   I am looking big and pregnant, my belly button has officially popped, and I’m not sure my belly can stretch much more.  Stay tiny, little man.  I already feel like I’m gonna explode. Lol

Weight Gain

At my last appointment at 28 weeks, I had gained 1 pound (and that was after drinking 50 oz of water before I went because I was preparing for a 5k that evening).  Last night I weighed myself at my in-laws, and I’d dropped 2 pounds, so I guess we’ll see where we stand next week.  Whether it’s 15 or 17 lbs or more, I’m still happy with the weight gain.

How I Feel

This is the first week where I feel uncomfortable.  I am definitely feeling a little back soreness and had my first Braxton Hicks last week at work.  I didn’t even realize that was what it was until I looked up Braxton Hicks and had an “aha!” moment.  Overall, I just feel like he must be all crammed in there ‘cause I’m feeling like this hotel room is a little small for all the movements and positions and stretching he’s such a fan of doing! Lol

Food Cravings/Aversions

I can’t say I’ve had cravings at all still, but I can say that my overall desire to eat has disappeared in the last few days.  I like the concept of eating (always! Lol) but my overall desire for food has decreased and I can’t find anything that sounds good. (Although the other day a hot dog actually sounded good. What??)

Baby Size

Our handsome man is now approximately the size of a pineapple: 15-17 inches from head to toe and up to 4 lbs. 🙂


Last week was the first time I was completely positive that Titus had hiccups.  He’s positioned pretty low that day, and I had some nice rhythmic movements for a good five minutes.  He’s a very active bugger. 🙂 I have to say I love it, as his constant movement is comforting throughout the day.  However, the bigger he gets, the less comfortable the movements are.  He’s definitely found my ribs and a few nerves near my hips where it’s less than fun for him to push off and turn.   Thankfully, he’s still pretty quiet through the night! 

Dr. Appointments

My next doctor appointment is August 8 (I’ll be 32 weeks).  I’m meeting with a midwife this month so that I have someone else in the same practice who will act as a back-up in the off-chance my doctor is not available.  So, I’ll meet Elaine and then probably be put on the 2-week appointment rotations.  I can’t believe it’s going to be another 5 weeks before we get to see him again on an ultrasound!  I am dying to see my little man!

Ok, until next time! 🙂

1 thought on “31 Weeks: My Active Pineapple”

  1. Its absolutely amazing what people feel lead to say to a pregnant women!! You looked great when I saw you early July. We had a midwife for both births. They are such a wonderful support.

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