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36 Weeks: Less Than 1 Month!

We are officially less than a month from our due date!! Yes, yes, only by 2 days, but man, I am so excited about that fact!

How I Look

Apparently, I look like I should be tipping over ‘cause I’m “all belly”.  I’ll take that!  I’m still wearing my wedding ring and my face hasn’t gained any weight, so I’m happy!

Weight Gain

Last week I weighed in at 142.5 lbs.  I never know how accurate the weigh-ins are that are not first thing in the morning, but oh, well.  Even if that I how much I weight (Goodness, I’m catching up with Adam!) I’m happy with my gain.

How I Feel

Adam and my trophies for the Labor Day 5k. :)
Adam and my trophies for the Labor Day 5k. 🙂

I really have been so blessed to have had such a great pregnancy.  I have been feeling great.  I was telling Adam the hardest part of how I feel is this: my mind tells me that I should be able to do something or push myself as hard as I once could, and my body just tires a whole lot faster/more than it did before.  That’s getting old.  This past Monday we ran the Labor Day 5k in Greene.  I finished with a time of 28:09 and felt great… until I stopped.  As soon as I stopped running, I knew I was going to be hurting for a bit.  My pelvis and hips were killing me and no amount of stretching has been relieving the stiffness.  Sitting still feels fine, standing feels find, but movement is quite painful.  I have to laugh ‘cause I look like an old lady walking up and down stairs and through my office at work.

Oh well, I’m almost to the end, and that 5k was officially my last race before Titus’ arrival, so I’m okay with a few days of soreness.  It makes me smile to think that we’re so close to meeting him officially! 🙂 🙂

(On a side note: I placed 2ndin my age category! Lol gotta love small town races!)

Food Cravings/Aversions

I can’t say that I’m having any cravings or aversion.  Seafood sounds really good – sushi specifically – and some homemade iced tea has helped me stay hydrated.  I’ve been really really thirsty and averaging over 80 ounces of hydrating liquid (water and a few cups of decaf, homemade iced tea) a day.

Baby Size

I am dying to see my little man!  We have our next ultrasound this Friday!!! According to all the official sites, Titus is 4-6 pounds and 17-19 inches long.  Last week, my fundal height (size of the uterus) was measuring a week smaller than normal but I think it was just because of his position at that visit.  Either way, perhaps that means he’s a little small. 🙂 I would not mind that!


I am happy to say he is still active.  He is quite a little bugger with a cute personality.  He responds to Daddy’s voice, hiccups about once a day, and sleeps well at night. 🙂


I am going to say that I think he’ll be about 7lbs when born and he’ll have Daddy’s nose and lanky legs. Other than that, I’m not sure.  I also think he’ll come a little early —-but maybe that’s wishful thinking??

Labor Signs

My body is definitely preparing for labor.  I get random sharp pains as Titus “gets comfy” in the right position, and apparently, I’m having more practice contractions than I realized.  At my last appointment, the doctor asked me if I felt that contraction, and I told her I thought that was just Titus pushing out.  She told me that my body was practicing and explained what it would feel like in more detail.  That was pretty cool/exciting/freaky.  Too bad all contractions won’t be painless like that. 😉

Dr. Appointments

We’re having our next appointment on Friday. 🙂 We FINALLY get to see Titus after 16 weeks of feeling him grow and move around.  Adam is pretty excited about seeing his little man again, and I’m ecstatic to be taking the afternoon off (as is Adam!) to start our weekend with another view of our son.  I’ll be posting a picture on here, so stay tuned!

1 thought on “36 Weeks: Less Than 1 Month!”

  1. Ashley,
    I’m so excited for you and Adam on the coming of your little guy!
    Jared married Kelly 0’Bannon June 29. Seth gets married to Linda Wolf (UC Davis grad) Sept. 22. I am once again in the throes of wedding planning! I gain two daughters in 3 months!
    Indeed, “Children are a blessing from the Lord, and the fruit of one’s womb is of great reward.” Hang tough! You have been a great example to all moms-to-be for staying active and healthy!

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